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Donations may be made by electronic bank transfer. A Tax Deductible Invoice will be issued.We regularly keep our donors informed through our newsletters and on our website.

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The outreach project is a nonprofit organization registered with the department of social development in Pretoria. Our main focus is to implement intervention programs to assist hiv/aids orphans, as well as their families.


  • To provide a training and management service that ensures successful and sustainable deployment of care givers in socio economic structures within communities, small business and other facets of industry.
  • To provide counseling services to members of families affected by hiv/aids and to be a conduit to government social welfare organizations.
  • To provide nutritional foodstuffs, educational needs and sports equipment. 


We support an organization called Setshabelo, whose principle goal is to improve the living conditions of 120 orphaned children affected by hiv/aids, all of whom stay in thokoza. This includes emotional, social, spiritual, educational and nutritional support. Our aim is to offer them educational as well as nutritional assistance, by way of stationery, educational training software and foodstuffs.

 These children do not have parents and stay in households run by their granny’s or older brothers or sisters. The appointed caregivers help to address the many disadvantages these vulnerable children face on a daily basis. You can make a huge difference in the lives of these children by making a financial contribution today.


St Mary’s was started in 1902 by the sisters of St Margaret’s, East Grimstead as St Mary’s Orphanage. The name was later changed to St Mary's Children's home as it is called to this day.

Their service includes residential care to presently around 40 children, they are registered for 60 children, designated to them through the Children’s Court on account of the Child Care Act.

They provide after care for children who have suffered the effects of abuse (mental, physical, emotional and sexual abuse) and or neglect, having being orphaned or some having been infected or affected by the HIV/Aids virus.


 Donations can be made either by electronic bank transfer or we could collect your cheque. You will be issued with a tax invoice as your donation is tax deductible. If you are able to assist your support will be gratefully appreciated.

We regularly keep our donors informed through our newsletters and on our website.

Who are we?

The Outreach Project is a Non Profit Organisation providing supportive assistance to anyone in need through self sustaining projects. With ongoing support and development of new projects we are able to aid more and more people all the time and we value your generous support. [DONATE]

What do we do?

The Outreach Project provides various services to people in need. We feed a large amount of disadvantaged people, we lend a hand to anyone that is in need of assistance. Please see the projects page for a list of current and future projects that we are involved in. If you know of any individuals, groups or other people in need of help then you are welcome to email us or write to us detailing any need you have identified and we will assist you. Please see the contact us page for our details.

Why do we need your help?

The Outreach Project needs all the help it can get, through your continual support we are able to meet the needs of individuals and communities of people in need of assistance. [DONATE]

Where can I get involved?

The Outreach Project is always on the lookout for people that want to be involved in the organisation. We are look for volunteers as well as dedicated fundraisers from time to time, be sure to check the website for details from time to time.

Is my donation Tax Deductible?

Yes ! We will issue you with a tax deductible certificate! Please obtain all details pertaining to donations on the website. [DONATE]








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The Outreach Project South Africa

Every day more and more people go hungry due to various factors, we uplift the living conditions of those that we help so as to improve their lifestyle in order that they may become self sufficient.


An AIDS orphan is a child who became an orphan because of death due to HIV/AIDS. There are 70,000 new AIDS orphans a year.

By 2010, 20 million WILL BE orphaned by AIDS.

It is well known that providing kids with free soccer balls keeps them away from crime, drugs and alcohol.

we are looking to give away a number of soccer balls each week.

"they also have plans underway to begin their own projects and this will help them achieve their own independence which is a very good thing!"


The Outreach Project is a community focused non-profit organization (NPO 040-395), registered with the department of social development.

Thank you for supporting us!!!

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