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Feedback From The Bracelet Making Project!

The members of The Outreach Project contributed towards a bracelet making project in the Philippines,
Bethany children's home. We are delighted to announce that we have received a big thank you from all the girls
at the home; as well as pictures of the bracelets and other items that they have made! Please consider donating an
amount each month towards this project in the Philippines!

Kiddies receive donations for clothing and food!


Thank you to all who continue to support our cause, together with your help and support we have managed
to contribute towards clothing as well as food stuffs for the kids. As the middle of winter approaches it is comforting
to know that some of them will at least have food in their stomachs and clothing on their backs. Anyone wanting to
contribute towards our winter campaign may kindly follow the link underneath. Thank you very much for your support!

Winter chills set in!

Once again the chill of winter rears it's ugly head, for some it means turning on a heater or making a nice hot cup
of coffee, chocolate or tea! Once spares a thought for those that have very little to get them through the cold season.
By contributing towards our cause you can ensure that we keep the kids we support warm this winter! Thank you to all
who contribute so generously! Bless you.

Setshabelo receives a donation of sports equipment from The Outreach Project.

Thank you once again to our donors ! The Setshabelo kids have received a donation of soccer balls, netballs as
well as a few swing ball sets for their extra mural activities. These are all new items and have gone a long
way in assisting the kids. The Setshabelo kids all come from disadvantaged backgrounds and are most
grateful for these items. It is always a joy for us to assist them, thank you !


News From The Philippines.

The Bethany Home for girls has received a donation for a bracelet making program.

Manila Church  

The Official Questionnaire as completed by the centre administrator for the Bethany Home is available for
download. (PDF) This is a project that requires more funding, thank you to the people that are contributing
towards this humanitarian initiative. Thank you!!!

The Official Bethany Home Project Questionnaire - Please click here!

St Mary's Children's Home receives 233 Kilograms of food!

A big thank you to all our donors who have recently contributed towards our cause, the St Mary's home has
received a large donation from The Outreach Project comprising of packets and boxes of cereals, protein filled soya
products, jelly powders, tinned vegetables fish and jam and a whole lot of other goodies. Once again a big thank
you to our donors, the home really appreciated the support!

Above excerpt from The Southern Courier - 23rd October 2012


  St Marys 

St Mary’s  provide a safe, secure home and therapeutic environment for children from families in crisis, on a
completely non-discriminatory basis. The Outreach Project has recently assisted the home with nutritious food
parcels and we have posted their thank you letter on the following link.


Modimo Ke Setshabelo is a social project based in Thokoza currently feeding and assisting children who are 
made vulnerable through HIV/Aids. This is in a holistic manner and includes educational, social, emotional, spiritual
and nutritional support. We have assisted them with funding in the past towards a TV and DVD for the kids. They
are in need of a few items and have sent us a wish list for basic goods.



The outreach project is committed to keeping kids off the street by providing them with soccer and netballs.
This ensures that they are kept occupied and learn vital social skills.


One of the most effective ways of helping someone in need is to provide them with a with a food parcel.
This ensures that they at least have something to eat and lifts their spirits when they have nothing else.
The outreach project is committed to helping the needy and we thank our generous donors who make it all
possible. Thank you !!! [READ MORE]


We will soon be expanding our operations by opening a new branches in other major centre's in South Africa.
Other regions are currently under consideration pending approval by the management committee. We wish to thank
you for your ongoing support!!! [READ MORE]








Thank you for your support !

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The Outreach Project South Africa

Every day more and more people go hungry due to various factors, we uplift the living conditions of those that we help so as to improve their lifestyle in order that they may become self sufficient.


An AIDS orphan is a child who became an orphan because of death due to HIV/AIDS. There are 70,000 new AIDS orphans a year.

By 2010, 20 million WILL BE orphaned by AIDS.

It is well known that providing kids with free soccer balls keeps them away from crime, drugs and alcohol.

we are looking to give away a number of soccer balls each week.

"they also have plans underway to begin their own projects and this will help them achieve their own independence which is a very good thing!"


The Outreach Project is a community focused non-profit organization (NPO 040-395), registered with the department of social development.

Thank you for supporting us!!!

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